July 28th Events Fun!!

Join in a fun filled day in Land O’ Lakes on July 28th!!

LOLA is having their annual Art Impressions Show on July 28th from 9:00am-3:00pm on the Land O’ Lakes Town Hall Grounds.

Airport Days at the Land O’ Lakes Airport from 8:00am-4:00pm along with Big Kites!

Friends of the Land O’ Lakes Library will hold their annual Book Sale from 9:00am-4:00pm.


Radar Run at the Land O’ Lakes Airport on Saturday September 22, 2018 from 9:00am-3:00pm.

Helmets are mandatory for the 1/8 and 1/4 mile runs. Food & Refreshments will be available.


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that in the several towns, villages, cities, wards, and election districts of the State of Wisconsin, at a primary to be held on Tuesday, August 14, 2018, and at an election to be held on Tuesday, November 6, 2018, the following officers are to be nominated and elected:
FIVE CONSTITUTIONAL OFFICERS, each for the term of four years, to succeed the present incumbents listed, whose terms of office will expire on January 7, 2019:
Governor – Scott Walker
Lieutenant Governor – Rebecca Kleefisch
Attorney General – Brad Schimel
Secretary of State – Doug La Follette
State Treasurer – Matt Adamczyk
ONE UNITED STATES SENATOR, for the term of 6 years, to succeed the present incumbent listed, whose terms of office will expire on January 3, 2019:
Tammy Baldwin
EIGHT REPRESENTATIVES IN CONGRESS, each for the term of two years, to succeed the present incumbents listed, whose terms of office will expire on January 3, 2019:
7th Congressional District – Sean Duffy
SEVENTEEN STATE SENATORS, from the odd-numbered Senatorial Districts of the State, each for the term of four years, to succeed the present incumbents listed, whose terms of office will expire on January 7, 2019:
Senate District 25 – Janet Bewley
NINETY-NINE REPRESENTATIVES TO THE ASSEMBLY, each for the term of two years, to succeed the present incumbents listed, whose terms of office will expire on January 7, 2019:
Assembly District 34 – Rob Swearingen
Assembly District 74 – Beth Meyers
Congressional and legislative district boundaries are described in Chapters 3 and 4 of the Wisconsin Statutes. A copy of the boundary descriptions can be obtained from the Wisconsin Elections Commission or the Legislative Reference Bureau at 1 East Main Street, Suite 200, Madison, Wisconsin.
COUNTY OFFICERS, for each county of the State for the term of four years, to succeed the present incumbents in the office of Sheriff, Coroner and Clerk of Circuit Court, whose term of office will expire on January 7, 2019:
Vilas County Sheriff – Joseph A. Fath
Vilas County Clerk of Court – Beth A. Soltow
Circulation of Nomination Papers
NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that the first day for circulating nomination papers is Sunday, April 15, 2018, and the deadline for filing nomination papers is no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday, June 1, 2018. All federal and state office candidates file with the Wisconsin Elections Commission. All county partisan office candidates file with their respective county clerks.
DONE in the City of Madison,
this 13th day of February 2018.
Michael Haas, Interim Administrator
Wisconsin Elections Commission
212 East Washington Avenue, 3rd Floor
P.O. Box 7984
Madison, WI 53707-7984
DONE in the City of Eagle River, VILAS COUNTY, this 29th day of March 2018.
David R. Alleman, Vilas County Clerk
330 Court St.
Eagle River, WI 54521


A revaluation of property assessments in the town of Land O’ Lakes shall occur for the 2018 assessment year. The approximate dates of the revaluation notices being sent to property owners is expected to be in August/2018. Please also notice that the Assessor has certain statutory authority to enter land as described in Sections 943.13 and 943.15, Wisconsin Statutes.
The ability to enter land is subject to several qualifications and limitations, as described within the foregoing statutes. Copies of the applicable statutes can be obtained at public depositories throughout the state of Wisconsin, and from the State of Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau website (www.legis.state.wi.us/rsb/stats.html) or a copy may be obtained from the municipal clerk upon payment of applicable coping charges.

Lynn Bybee,
Town Clerk-Treasurer

Annual Town Meeting Notice

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Annual Town Meeting for the Town of Land O’ Lakes will be held on Tuesday, April 17, 2018

at the Land O’ Lakes Town Hall, 4331 Hwy B, starting at 6:00 p.m., pursuant to 60.11 (2) Wis Statutes.

Lynn Bybee

Notice of Spring Election -April 3, 2018



Notice is hereby given of a spring election to be held in VILAS COUNTY, on April 3, 2018, at which the officers named below shall be chosen. The names of the candidates for each office to be voted for, whose nominations have been certified to or filed in this office, are given under the title of the office, each in its proper column, together with the questions submitted to a vote, for a referendum, if any, in the sample ballot below. INFORMATION TO VOTERS Upon entering the polling place, a voter shall state his or her name and address, show an acceptable form of photo identification and sign the poll book before being permitted to vote. If a voter is not registered to vote, a voter may register to vote at the polling place serving his or her residence, if the voter presents proof of residence in a form specified by law. Where ballots are distributed to voters, the initials of two inspectors must appear on the ballot. Upon being permitted to vote, the voter shall retire alone to a voting booth and cast his or her ballot except that a voter who is a parent or guardian may be accompanied by the voter’s minor child or minor ward. An election official may inform the voter of the proper manner for casting a vote, but the official may not in any manner advise or indicate a particular voting choice. Where Optical Scan Voting is Used The voter shall fill in the oval next to the name of the candidate of his or her choice for each office for which he or she intends to vote. To vote for a person whose name does not appear on the ballot, the voter shall write in the name of the person of his or her choice in the space provided for a write-in vote and fill in the oval next to the write-in line. On referendum questions, the voter shall fill in the oval next to “yes” if in favor of the question, or the voter shall fill in the oval next to “no” if opposed to the question. The vote should not be cast in any other manner. Not more than five minutes’ time shall be allowed inside a voting booth. Sample ballots or other materials to assist the voter in casting his or her vote may be taken into the booth and copied. The sample ballot shall not be shown to anyone in a manner that would reveal how the ballot is marked. If the voter spoils an optical scan ballot, he or she shall return it to an election official who shall issue another ballot in its place, but not more than three ballots shall be issued to any one voter. If the ballot has not been initialed by two inspectors or is defective in any other way, the voter shall return it to the election official, who shall issue a proper ballot in its place. After Marking the Ballot After an official optical scan ballot is marked, it shall be inserted in the security sleeve so the marks do not show. The voter shall insert the ballot in the voting device and discard the sleeve, or deliver the ballot to an inspector for deposit. The voter shall leave the polling place promptly. A voter may select an individual to assist in casting his or her vote if the voter declares to the presiding official that he or she is unable to read, has difficulty reading, writing or understanding English or that due to disability is unable to cast his or her ballot. The selected individual rendering assistance may not be the voter’s employer or an agent of that employer or an officer or agent of a labor organization which represents the voter. The following is a sample of the official ballots: (See Sample Spring Election Ballots) All ballot styles specific to each municipality are posted at www.vilascountywi.gov in their entirety.

s/ David R. Alleman, Vilas County Clerk

Voting by Absentee Ballot for April 3, 2018 Spring Election

APRIL 3, 2018
Any qualified elector who is unable or unwilling to appear at the polling place on Election Day may request to vote an absentee ballot. A qualified elector is any U.S. citizen, who will be 18 years of age or older on Election Day, who has resided in the ward or municipality where he or she wishes to vote for at least 10 consecutive days before the election. The elector must also be registered in order to receive an absentee ballot. Proof of identification must be provided before an absentee ballot may be issued.
You must make a request for an absentee ballot in writing.
Contact your municipal clerk and request that an application for an absentee ballot be sent to you for the primary or election or both. You may also submit a written request in the form of a letter. Your written request must list your voting address within the municipality where you wish to vote, the address where the absentee ballot should be sent, if different, and your signature. You may make application for an absentee ballot by mail, email or in person.
Making application to receive an absentee ballot by mail
The deadline for making application to receive an absentee ballot by mail is:
5 pm on Thursday, March 29, 2018
Note: Special absentee voting application provisions apply to electors who are indefinitely confined to home or a care facility, in the military, hospitalized, or serving as a sequestered juror. If this applies to you, contact the municipal clerk regarding deadlines for requesting and submitting an absentee ballot.
Voting an absentee ballot in person
You may also request and vote an absentee ballot in the clerk’s office or other specified location during the days and hours specified for casting an absentee ballot in person.

Town of Land O’Lakes
Lynn Bybee
PO Box 660
4331 HWY B
Land O’Lakes, WI 54540
M-Th 9am-3pm
3/30/2018 9am-5pm

The first day to vote an absentee ballot in the clerk’s office is:
The last day to vote an absentee ballot in the clerk’s office:
Friday, March 30, 2018
No in-person absentee voting may occur on the day before the election.
The municipal clerk will deliver voted ballots returned on or before Election Day to the proper polling place or counting location before the polls close on APRIL 3, 2018. Any ballots received after the polls close will NOT be counted.